3 Types of Flight Deals That Will Save You a Ton — and How to Spot Them

Airfare booking
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Cheap flights reveal themselves in a number of ways — JetBlue’s limited run flash sales, $187 round-trip flights from the United States to Africa, and even as all-out airfare wars.

At Travel + Leisure, we’re always on the lookout for unbeatable flight deals. After all, what inspires travelers to get up and go faster than $383 round-trip flights to Italy?

But not all cheap flights are the same. Some are only bookable through the airline with a special promo code, while others are accidents — and can disappear even after you’ve booked them.

Whether we’ve pointed you in the direction of a great flight deal, or you’ve stumbled upon one on your own, knowing the difference between an internal promotion and an error fare can help you determine where to book, how to book, and when to start planning your vacation.

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